About us

How sore are your feet after working all day, going for a walk or when you're supposed to be having fun with your kids but can't keep up because your feet, ankles or legs are too painful, aching or tired? How many times have you purchased shoes that you thought were comfortable when you tried them on in the store but when you wore them for a few days or weeks they didn't help make your feet more comfortable? Did you know that there's about a 97% chance that your feet will feel better if you try shoes from Happy Soles Foot Wear? Did you know that we have shoes and boots that have been carefully chosen by a physician who specializes in foot and ankle surgical and non surgical care? Fitting shoes is not complicated. We can explain to you in about five minutes why your feet will feel better when you wear shoes from Happy Shoes Foot Wear compared to other places. Good looking shoes that are good for your feet... Your feet will thank you!